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News on TCFD

written by Sara Giordano

TCFD could be a game changer:  

In a whitepaper recently published, Hermes Investment Management (£30.8bn AUM) welcomes the Taskforce’s call for investors to assess carbon risks using scenario analysis to ensure a broader level of carbon risk disclosure. This will encourage both companies and investors to deploy new mitigation strategies, preserving value for long-term investors and improving the lives of beneficiaries. Saker Nusseibeh, chief executive at Hermes Investment Management, said: "In line with the TCFD's recommendations, we believe that both investors and the companies they invest in should assess and report on the climate risks in their portfolios. We need to challenge the current economic and financial models used by the investment industry if we are to ensure that the world does not breach the scientifically-guided objectives we have set for ourselves on climate change". (Business Green, 15 Nov) (White paper here).

35 CFOs, 13 CEOs of Accounting Bodies, 14 Chairs of Pension Funds back TCFD: 

On the 15th of November, global leaders from business and finance attended the Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Summit 2017 to agree actions that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. At the event, A4S issued three statements of support for the TCFD recommendations signed so by CFOs, CEOs of Accounting Bodies, and Chairs of Pension Funds. (Statements here).

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